Startup Asia X brings you immediate market access, via real collaboration, through trusted networks and curated events.

While we are experiencing the new normal, we are here to collaborate and co-create, to make the impossible possible.

Startup Asia X Conf 001

On June 12, 2020, we will be launching our first small scale curated virtual event, as a showcase of what is possible.

It is not simply a virtual conference, but a curated and trusted network, built with a strong desire to showcase startup companies that have both collaboration and co-creation in mind.

This event will showcase startup companies supported by our startup hubs, ecosystem builders, and startup programs from Japan, Taiwan, India, and other regions.


Startup Asia X is a startup enabler that brings immediate market access to startups, online and virtually.


Together with our technology partners, we were able to quickly assemble a virtual world, in order to host Startup Asia X’s first conference in these troubling times.

For virtual reality and desktop, Vircadia is a 3D interface and server solution that allows for vast social and educational environments to be created, and lived in, while also being shared in real-time with other people.

Click here to download the software: